Nicholas Quirke was always at his happiest when called on to be spontaneous and when Debbie Bridge phoned him on 22nd September at 18.00 to step into the shoes of a colleague who was a last minute drop out he rose to the challenge. It made a fitting end to a full week which had started with him driving to Chislehurst to collect his client and meeting the gorgeous Lola as well as stopping off at Hartfield, Pooh Corner,  for refreshment. He worked every morning, had a meeting about the ShowShoppers Project which he had now launched on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/shownshop/?modal=admin_todo_tour, cooked and entertained for Aaron Schwartz, cooked and entertained Harvey and Grace and an excitable Rocco, Drove to Almedia in London to see Dance Nation which was a really compelling, surprising piece of theatre and by coincidence Harvey and Grace were in Camden at a gig and he was able to have company on his drive home.  It was an intense and valuable meeting of the Men’s group with more food for thought to sustain him through the week. By Friday he was exhausted and once home from his work, he lay on the bed and drifted into inertia and sleep. Refreshed on Saturday he met with Cathie in Nero’s and then headed home to work.He did some gardening before the rain drove him indoors. Food preparation and tidying kept him from the work he felt he really should be doing and just as he felt he could procrastinate no further, Debbie’s call to join her as an actor in a Murder Mystery event within the hour encouraged him to further delay the pressing needs that were overwhelming him. The promise of money and a chance to flex his performance skills had him flying out the door. He did his best to assemble a nautical look and then spent the evening  amongst strangers as Captain Bob Upandown. He had great fun, was treated to a cordon blu vegan supper and earned money too. This could be a new avenue for him to explore. Once home he examined the Shelf of Shame for his next post and retired to bed.





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