Picking up a Pen

Nicholas Quirke was waking to the feeling that he had severed a limb on 13th September after reading some messages he had received and was regretting his rash actions of the previous day. He did not have the time to wallow in self pity though and the need to post his shelf of shame daily picture on Instagram offered a more pressing need and he was delighted by the swift and positive response he received. He noted that one admirer of his Players cigarette tin, in which he had carried around loose change, much of it he had found on the street, which had been with him since a teenager went on to like every picture in the collection he had posted so far. His work day started at 8.30 and he cursed the school traffic that was once again clogging up the roads. He was driving his client to her sisters in Chiselhurst and had planned a route through the countryside designed to avoid the M23 an M25. After a false start, having forgotten the I pad they enjoyed the scenery of the South Downs and Ashdown Forrest on a glorious summer day, They stopped off  for refreshment in the Anchor Inn  in the village of Hartfield, the home of A A Milne and arrived in Chiselhurst in time for lunch. Nicholas headed straight back as his old friend Michael Hootman was coming to see him. They had not met properly for years so there was a lot of catching up to do and he was delighted to be able to share an old video they had made which was truly appalling but very funny. This mood of hysteria turned very serious though when he attended his Men’s Therapy Group. He was anxious to share the unnerving events of his week and as he related the tale of his desecrated plant and delved into his personal issues he was struck by the gardening imagery that he was bringing to bear on both situations and the idea for a story was germinated. They finished the evening with sound bath and he was once again transported to a realm outside himself. It was a great end to the evening and filled him with energy. Once home he took up his pen, opened a notebook and put his ideas down on paper, thus beginning another project. Before going to sleep, he chatted with his friend Terry in Denver and finished his day on a happy note.

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