Obsession for Beach Debris

Nicholas Quirke was looking forward to meeting his friend Sonia on 13th September for the first time since he had returned from the odyssey despite several attempts to reconvene. He first had to negotiate Fire Alarm tests and further discussion about preventing the vandals from further sabotage at home with the Freeholders.  He was delighted to have a surreal and hilarious conversation with his friend Alan from Fatherland in which his acting style was likened to a variety of decorating techniques. As a result of his delays he was running late and had to drive to 1 John Street. They decided to drive down to the seafront and take a constitutional. It was a lovely sunny day, a trifle windy,  and he was astonished to discover a mini sculpture park had been built around a small boat house. They tried to engage the artist, a wild looking, windswept man, in conversation to learn more about the endeavor. The artist was reluctant to talk but did share that he had been building it for about 5 years and wanted to stop. He didn’t want to share why or what he felt the purpose was so they carried on and Nicholas became quite enamored with the rusting debris which seemed to litter the seafront.  It had been good to catch up and laugh and laugh and laugh. After saying goodbye to Sonia he worked for a couple of hours then went home.He felt quite tired and decided to watch another fil on MUBI. as they were still screening a couple of Lou Ye’s films he decided to watch Blind Massage and once again he was overwhelmed by the story and its visual style which echoed its subject matter. The films verisimilitude created a sense of aching loneliness in him, much as Spring Feaver had and he was reluctant to end his day on this note so turned to TV, Hang Ups and Flowers to cheer himself up before he allowed sleep to overwhelm him instead





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