Lost in The Woods

Nicholas Quirke was surprised to find that the melancholy and sense of abandonment that he felt as he went to sleep on the 7th were still with him when he woke up. And this mood seemed to colour his day. Meeting Cathy for their weekly catch up in Nero’s did nothing to dispel his mood and their encounter with the staff at Debenhams, though giving him reason to smile for their lack of knowledge and incompetence over refilling  an Eau de Cologne bottle added to the frustration of his day. It was now 175 days since he had returned from his Odyssey, 175 days in which he’d had opportunity to reflect on what he had learned and gained from his travels and change his life and future, and now he felt change was not happening quickly enough and some changes, his Kunming project, seemed to be floundering all too quickly. He vowed this would be day 1 and he would painfully put this behind him and do the work he needed to do to move onward. It was not all misery and he was looking forward to his trip to London and the Royal Court. After his lunch and a depressing afternoon snooze he got himself together and set off with the audio book CD, that Denise had lent him, The Black Tower, to listen to instead of the smug trivialisation of life that he found Radio 4 was offering at the moment and to avoid his growing boredom with his I-tunes playlists.  As he drove into London he realised that he was very close to a wonderful couple of Ghost Signs and he changed his route to take him past them and he was able to stop and record them appropriately on his social media. It was good to be back in the atmosphere of The Royal Court which he acknowledged was his favorite theatre. Nicholas had hoped that this play ‘The Woods’ would lift his spirits and take his mind of his personal issues but it was a very difficult piece to fathom and its themes of abandonment, loss, madness and fear were a painful and heartbreaking concoction. It was like a dream and beautiful to look at but difficult to digest.  It was an easy drive home and he was relieved to be able to get to bed and put his soul searching to rest. Tomorrow was another day.

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