The Giving of Wisdom

Nicholas Quirke was in a philosophical frame of mind on 7th September which proved to be good news for his client who, in the mood to vent, was able to receive the benefit of his wisdom and help. It felt good to not be in the wrong and he was able to dispense his advice with magnanimity. It did mean though they they spent too long talking and not enough time working, and he had to rush cooking the stuffed marrow he prepared for her as a result of his largess. He was looking at a full and busy day but as he rushed to his next social engagement with Zak at the Flour Pot in Hove, he received a cancellation for a 12.30 reunion with Sonia from work, as the scandal of a British Airways data breach was breaking in the news and she was committed to work. He was very disappointed as they had been forced to cancel on several occasions over the the 5 months since he returned from the Odyssey. This did mean that he had longer to spend with Zak and he found that his energy soared and was unable to stem his garrulous outpourings. In very high spirits he headed home to prepare for some training that afternoon on ‘How to Be a Great PA’. The training was free and though he seriously did not want to be a cook, cleaner, driver for the chronically sick forever, it was helping him support himself for the moment and he was gaining an insight into a world he had never even contemplated. It was an enjoyable module and he was given instructions on the aspects of  course, from Communication, Person Centred Care to Safeguarding Adults. that he would need to become proficient in. This once again meant that he had a Freevening and having recently signed up to MUBI again he discovered a season of the, controversial in his homeland, China, films of Lou Ye. Nicholas watched Spring Fever which he found to be an amazing film loving not only its heartbreaking story line but loving the voyeuristic style of the movie which was a deeply affecting experience for him. The films examination of love, transgression and freedom to love, loneliness and abandonment left him feeling melancholy and he went to his sleep in a rare moment of sadness.


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