Summer Came Back

Nicholas Quirke was delighted to wake to another day of heat and sunshine on 2nd September. Summer was back. And with it came a more cheerful disposition. He’d had a week where he’d begun to wonder, and not for the first time in his life, and not for the first time over the past month, if there actually was a conspiracy of fates against him. He affected a cheerful outlook on life but it appeared to him, always appeared to him, that things never went smoothly and he was in constant battle with forces outside of himself that he couldn’t control. The past couple of weeks had been full of instances that he could point to and say. “See, yet another example, See, its not my fault”! His feelings of victimisation had come to the fore once again in his week when after dogged attempts to resolve numerous problems with technology he was still unable to delete any apps from his I-phone. Holding down the icon on his screen presented him with a menu for the app! Since when?  He demonstrated this surprising development to his mother who then tried and Lo and Behold, the delete icons appeared. Nicholas attempted again, of course, he got the menu again. Some where a force greater than him was perverting the course of his day. in the same way it had, on the previous Saturday. when like many days now it was a Freevening. He had been unable to work as the server continually kept being disrupted, neither could he watch Netfix or Amazon for the same reason. He had cooked himself a meal instead and sat down to watch ‘A Quiet Place’ on DVD, at the the films most dramatic moment the DVD froze and no matter what he tried it would not play and the DVD was clearly faulty. His only course of action was to take a bath and read.  The hot water ran cold! But the sun was out and any notion that the dark fates were pursuing him were dispelled after he had started the day with some laundry and household chores, then walked into town to Komedia to see BlacKKKlansman, a stimulating film set in 70’s in which an African American cop infiltrates the KKK. It was funny, provocative and a shocking reminder of the ways in which we live with and accept racism .  Feeling stimulated and perky he collected Cole and Rocco from their home and they went back to his for lunch. On the way he spotted Cole was helping Nicholas with a new project and they were both pleased to discover it was going to work, though it would take quite some time to get it completed. To celebrate they ignored the sun outside and they sat and watched The Ice Storm.Once Cole left, Nicholas decided to make a start on clearing the Garage. It was a daunting sight and after an hour of having sorted through some papers, he had enough and went in to do some research and spend the rest of his evening at the Ironing board





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