What is Busy?

Nicholas Quirke was determined that he would resolve all his technical issues on 13th August and was headed into Brighton for Curry’s by 8.30. He handed over his PC and asked them to sort out why updates that took nearly 24 hours to complete kept failing, why he couldn’t transfer anything from his GO-Pro and why his downloaded photographs no longer went into a file in his documents. He also carried with him his mini I-pad which no longer worked and he could take into the Apple store. At 10.30 he found himself in Cafe Nero still waiting for the ‘KnowHow’ team to discover what was going on. He had during his wait in the store learned some very helpful facts about Bandwidth and speed and hoped that he might retain the useful information he had been given. The wait did give him time to reflect and review his week which had been a mix of highs, lows and mediocrity since he had attended the Pride Street party in the previous Sunday. He had marveled that the Council were happy to close of a whole streets and parts of Marine Parade to allow Dancing in the Street. It surely has to be the best Pride in the world. He was exhausted by strutting his stuff and was quite relieved that what had been a busy Monday, despite a 7am visit to Asda with his client, was due to some cancellations freed up and apart from signing up with another client in  Whitehawk and meeting with Cathy for a Tea at Al Campo he had plenty of time to recover from his weekend exertions. Tuesday included a morning of work followed by a photography session with Cole and  he happily posed for some head shots in front of a sheet hanging from the garage door. After walking into town to collect his replacement Moscot glamorous sunglasses from Frames in the Lanes. Nicholas had a Freevening Cinema Club screening of Spirit of The Beehive to look forward to, a film, he attributed his love of Foreign film to. after seeing it on BBC 2 Film International one night in the 70s. Wednesday’s Highlight, after a trip to Bramber Castle and a game, which he lost, of  Backgammon with Larayne, visiting his new client, a Podcast meeting with Penny was meeting up with his niece Megan at his Mothers where they enjoyed a game of Casino. More work on Thursday and a reunion with Bernie from Amex which took him into Friday which seemed full of cancellations and changes yet how he anticipated fitting in he was not sure as he spent the morning and lunch at his friend Joanna’s, where another project was discussed; he went out with Terry to the MetroDecco Tes rooms where he enjoyed a particularly nice Chinese Tea and Vegan Cake and then saw ‘The Heiress’ an intriguing compelling love story at the Duke of York’s.  Despite his sciatica playing up on Saturday, he attended as promised, Rita’s Garden Work Party where he engaged in heavy garden labour for nearly 2 hours. Nicholas was interested in the fact that it looked like a full and busy week yet his overriding impression was one of inertia, he had seemed to spend a lot of time lying on his bed with his reluctant laptop. This thought bought him firmly back into the present and he went back to Currys where they still hadn’t completed the work on his laptop. He was saved momentarily from the technological horror that seemed to haunt him by Rory, who joined him in another tea at Nero’s. Nicholas manged to take Rory to the train station, collect a parcel and purchase a shirt at GAP for £9.99 before finally getting his Laptop and going home. Ipad, GoPro and filing sill not solved but the wait and day had somehow exhausted him so it was more of ‘The Staircase’ and then bed.


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