The Temperature Rises

Nicholas Quirke was happy to note that the temperature in Brighton on 4th August 2018 was 29C, a fact that would surprise and possibly even delight Kim. It was a source of concern to her when he was in Australia earlier in the year that Nicholas did not care or even think about temperatures. Big Changes! He had in fact noted that it had been rising all week and most of his activities had been completed in sultry hot perfect summer weather. Most mornings had been spent in the company of his client, cooking and cleaning and culminating on his final day with a drive to the Shepherd and Dog and a game of backgammon. He couldn’t quire reconcile that he was being paid to do this.The rest of his time was spent enjoying he company of family friends, meeting Rory at Marwoods, supper and ‘Lean on Pete’ with Harvey and Grace, tea with Terry in Hove, lunch with Sister and Mother on the Marina, tea and a mishap, and encouraged to spend money with Eileen, Afternoon tea with Cathy at Carluccios’ and meeting Rob Flay. He had arranged with Rory, after a supper in Purezo to see  a talk by the writer of a book, ‘Fighting Proud’. It was not what he had expected. He was looking forward to hearing about the personal trials of the men who had fought, but the book , the author was reading from and giving the talk it was more an account of notable Homosexuals during that time. Interesting, nonetheless. After spending the year not going to Pride, he was offered a ticket by his friend Tom and he was up bright and early on Friday to collect it. He had given up his Friday to help Peta move house from her central Brighton flat, leaving 17 years of memories in Buckingham Place, she was moving to Newhaven to a house with a spectacular view and lots of space. It was an exhausting day, the hottest of the year and after kindly being treated to dinner, for his efforts, at The Ark. he retired home. Saturday was Pride and he started the event by going down to Preston Circus to watch the parade and meet Bernie, and Campbell and Mark. He had a great time taking photographs and was introduced to some lovely people, Stuart, Katy and Neal whom he met up with again in the Park. He was intrigued to see that Britney’s security were seriously armed and was delighted by the rude gesture one of them made to him. It took nearly 30 minutes to get into the park. It was an enjoyable time and when it came to seeing Britney’s concert he managed to maneuver himself to an excellent spot near the front. during the wait he had a great time with the girls surrounding him who were all very flattering about his attire and accessories. Nicholas was not a fan of Britney Spears, but she won him over with her performance which was pretty spectacular. When he got home his neighbor was sitting on the stoop in a melancholy frame of mind as she had ended up missing out on the show. He attempted to cheer her up but she was in her cups so he took his exhausted tired feet to bed.


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