The Sun Went Away

Nicholas Quirke was surprised, after weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, by how miserable the day of persistent rain made him feel on 29th July. Apart from a trip to the Garden Centre to buy a Chilli plant, a state of ennui descended upon him,  during which his only other interaction with a human being was a lively, excitable and short-lived conversation with Terry in Denver. The day was given to watching TV, stretching his piriformis muscle to trigger the release of his trapped nerve, and some minor attempts at house keeping. Starting his day at 7am on the 30th July, working for his client, gave him the brio he needed to snap out of his lethargy and make the most of his day. The fates however had a different plan for him. After tea and a joyous chat with his neighbour Anna in the Rotunda, he got down to some work on his laptop. Of course this was not as easy as he expected as for the 2nd day in a row an update started. Today, he waited for over 5 hours for it to run its course. He cooked, he cleaned, he took a bath, he read and just when he has decided to take a walk to Sunny Foods to get some organic junk food,it sprang into life and told him that the update hadn’t been successful and his original Widows was restored. In very purple prose he cursed the gods of technology and set off to the shop. Of course, he suspected a conspiracy; his way through the park was barred as the fences for Pride, at the approaching weekend, were already erected. He shopped and on his return engaged feverishly in work and managed to complete all his tasks, including scheduling an event for the Freevening Cinema Club, a screening of The Spirit of The Beehive, on the 7th, completing an application, writing several emails and organising his forthcoming diary. It was a strangely satisfied Nicholas who took to his bed that night.

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