Sounds, Meditation and shopping in a Green World

Nicholas Quirke was loving the Brighton vibe on 21st July. His past 3 days had been an eclectic mix of the alternative, business and socialising. He had been intrigued on 19th July to be invited to a ‘sound bath’ and was looking forward to discovering the nuances of this new experience. He was working for his client that morning and though he cleaned, helped garden and cooked a pea soup, he was also relishing a job that allowed him to sit and play Backgammon and be paid for it. It was then to work of another kind; unpaid but fun and entertaining as he was recording more episodes of the Podcast he and Penny had launched. He was still struggling to find a home for it but the recordings were fun and till he had finalised a host, he was sending out the link on social media. He was also contemplating which image to use on the site and a debate raged about the most relevant and appropriate for the content. He had to drop of some books for Cole and after a shop at Sainsburys gave Penny a lift home. Conveniently the invite, from a member of the Men’s Group, was to a home on his street so it was a short walk  for him. Aaron, Pius, Rainier and Eloise were also attending and he was pleased to be enjoying their company for the event. Simon had a number of sound bowls which, after he explained their provenance, their meaning and the quality of their notes, he played and invited them to focus on a most wished for need, to lie back, and allow the sounds of the bowls, chants, voices to wash over them and transport them to a place of bliss. Initially Nicholas was panicking over his most wished for need, there seemed to be so many crowding his mind: should he apply some standards to his choice? Some materialistic he dismissed, some emotional he toyed with and was so confused by the decision he was going to have make that he didn’t have a wish prepared as the music started to draw him in and he found himself in a deep state of meditation in which he seemed to abandon the physical world and exist in a state of content and restfulness, supported by the mystical sounds emanating from the bowls. When the session ended he felt elated and calmed by the experience and was open to some music making when Simon offered them to select an instrument and to Jam with him. He had no idea what it sounded like, It could have been a horrible noise, but inside the music it seemed harmonious and magical and akin to how he felt whenever he took to the dance floor.  he really had fun with the sound and Rhythm.  When he woke on Friday 20th he felt refreshed and looked forward to his 2 hours work before meeting Cole for Breakfast. He noted that it was now dark when he woke and was surprised by how quickly that had happened, particularly as the summer continued to be one of  intense sustained sunshine and heat. Something happened to cause his trapped nerve to spasm and his sciatica seemed as intense as when it first manifested itself. This meant that after eating a bowl of Singapore noodles at Loving Hut a shopping expedition and a poster, Graffiti photo opportunity with Cole he struggled home to rest his leg. He had purchased a ticket to see First Reformed at Dukes at Komedia and though he just wanted to lie down he forced himself to the cinema. He was constantly distracted by the pain in his leg and found the films nihilistic story line quite difficult to handle though the sudden surprising end was reminiscent of Wise Blood and he was glad he had endured it to the end. At home it was a familiar story of technical delinquency as he fought with his equipment to upload the podcast into his Blog. In the end frustrated and in pain he resorted to pushing it out on social media again before taking pain killers, a bath and sleep.    Saturday 21st dawned and he greeted it by waking up succumbing to his usual routine of vitamins, smoothie and messaging friends in foreign continents. Another habitual Saturday routine was conducted in Nero’s with Cathy and ten a shopping expedition for a peeler,  loo brush and a new linen shirt to replace his scorched one. on his way back home for lunch he noted a substantial police presence in Preston Park for a Green Pride festival. Leon Robinson was making a rare visit to Brighton and was holding court in Pavillion Gardens at the Cafe. It was great to see him again and to catch up with his news and other of Leon’s friends, including Andy who proudly announced he had read all of Phillips Mortal Engine Quartet and was ready for the film, which Nicholas features in, on its release in December. He had bumped into Rory and Ian on their way to Green Pride and on his return home he went to find them and discovered that Green Pride was a celebration of Cannabis festival and the light dawned on the police presence. He didn’t find Rory but he still enjoyed the vibrant ambiance before heading home and resting his weary carcass.





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