The Graduate

Nicholas Quirke was anticipating a day of feeling proud on 13th July and he was not disappointed. He set off to London with Eileen at 7 and it was clearly going to be another scorching summer day. The roads were surprisingly free moving, despite rush hours, and they made it to Cole’s in Hendon by 9am. Cole was feeling a little anxious about the day, but by the time he had picked up his gown and reminded himself of how much he liked dressing up, seeing how very dashing he looked, he was able to relax. The ceremony was held in a huge Marquee on campus and was a really lovely event, though he found the guests around him were not very supportive and were not clapping the graduates other than their own. Cole’s name was mentioned thrice in the speeches as an ambassador for the university as a result of his outstanding win of the Free Range exhibition and his solo show in February and he and Eileen swelled with pride at his success. After drinks and photo opportunities galore they joined the students and tutors for a farewell drink. They then made their way to Camden to meet Richard and for a late lunch of Vegan Pizza at Purreza. After dropping Cole back home and loading up the car with some of his belongings they drove at a slow moving pace to Brixton for Brother Michael’s Open House exhibition. They were about half an hour early so enjoyed a coffee in a surprisingly white middle class restaurant. They had a wonderful time at the Exhibition, and though he only seen them on Sunday, thoroughly enjoyed talking with his nephews and nieces and was delighted to see heavily pregnant Lucy. On the way home Nicholas insisted they listen to his Podcast which he had launched that day. It had been a long but enjoyable day and home and in bed by 11 he allowed his pride in his son to enjoy a final burst before going to sleep.


  1. Bravo Nick and bravo to Cole. How lovely to kick the podcast off with Lindis. Xxx

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