A Day in the Year of a Nobody

Nicholas Quirke was being industrious this week with his friend Penny Parker, recording and editing the first edition of their Podcast; Quirke: A Day In The Year of a Nobody, to be launched on 13th July You (Listen and preview here) https://goo.gl/wtHnry. It was the culmination of a couple of busy days for him when he had been Cooking ‘Kitchadi’, for his client and making Pesto, driving to the Race Hill Garden Centre, the Tip, Homebase, dealing with his bank over fraudulent charges on his account, fruitlessly pursuing resolution on issues with Apple, I tunes, Go-Pro, KnowHow Cloud, as well as socialising with Cathie, his sister Kate, visiting a friend at Sussex Beacon , seeing the dentist to have a crown fitted, shopping, sorting out his diary, cleaning his card, online purchasing, and some job hunting. It felt really busy, but still having to work on his bed made him feel like he was relaxing rather than engage in productive endeavour. Plundering his past through his diaries was both funny, revealing and endearing, reviewing the mind of a young and relatively confused young man and sharing these with people was and interesting step for him to take. He was pleased with the outcome of their recordings and was looking forward to getting some feedback.

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