Happy Days

Nicholas Quirke was puzzled having spent Saturday 7th of July, after meeting Cathie for tea in Nero’s and Rory for tea and an avocado in Cote, making dips for the family day in Birmingham on Sunday and no matter how good they tasted , the dishes he had prepared uniformly looked like dirt. In the main he had been in a positive place since  28th June but now it was 7th of July and he was troubled that his sense of well-being had not engaged his creativity over this period. He had shared his positivity at a meeting with his Men’s Therapy group and since then having enjoyed in the heat wave a walk to the Chatri War memorial, Celebrating Cole’s success, his first Class honors degree, researching UN resolutions for Terry, a movie at the Duke of York’s ‘Leave No Trace’, A trip to Ikea; meeting Sam, Bernie’s boyfriend and driving to Stenying and Amberly, finding Hollyhocks, supper at Wagamama’s with Campbell, taking Terry out, camping at Vert Woods with his men’s group and celebrating Betty’s birthday with his ‘blended family’, he was having a happy time in the sun. Yet nevertheless he was feeling conflicted. The sun was wonderful, but the lack of rain meant that grass and trees were being scorched and damaged, his sciatica was persistent, when he should be working through his voluminous list of things to do he was overwhelmed in the heat with lethargy and fatigue, he watched TV for 6 fruitless hours and nursed bites and rashes from insects and sweat, Nicholas was happy with what he had achieved  and felt that  whilst heat and injuries continued the tide may have turned.



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