The Price of Being Smug.

Nicholas Quirke was still feeling proud of Cole’s first prize win in The Free Range exhibition, when he woke 26th June and still eager to share the news. However, he paid the price for his pride and smugness when he was rewarded, after a shopping trip with his client, by accidentally parking his car on a lamppost and scratching the passenger side. He would have to curb his enthusiasm and be more modest about Cole’s success. As usual he had to rely on the kindness of Strangers and Harvey’s mate Greg to rescue him from his predicament. By the time he got to the dentists to be measured up for a crown his distress had evaporated and he was ‘singing like a canary’ about his son and was able to continue torturing this tune by meeting Eileen for tea in Preston Park. They took a walk round Preston Park and the Church and Nicholas returned home to do more work on his CV’s. He met Harvey and Grace at Duke Of York’s to get tickets for Hereditary before a light supper of chips at Al Campo lounge. The parsimony of the chips, courtesy of Harvey,  and the flatness of the Coke led them to decide not to eat there again. The film proved to be genuinely creepy leaving Nicholas a little nervous about being at home alone. He didn’t need to worry as he completely crashed out the minute he lay down, waking at 4 am on 27th June with the lights still on and his laptop at his side. If he had known how long it would take to drive to London to collect Cole and some of his belongings, he would have set off then! The journey may have been long, but it was good to see Cole and once they had packed the car with his dark room equipment they set off for Camden, the Lock and something to eat to prepare for the equally long journey home to Brighton. Cole presented him with his Fathers Day present, which Ironically was another pair of converse. The good thing about any drive was the quality time he got to spend with his offspring and the 3 hours it took to get through London  was  worth it, though he inadvertently entered the congestion charge and would need to pay for 1 minute in the zone. Infuriating! His evening was spent at his friend Bernie’s and after a catch up on life they watched 45 Years, a  touching and painful story of love lost, deceit and its consequences. They also managed to see a Francois Ozon short, A short Dress, charming and fun, before Nicholas went home to bed.


















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