Cole Conquers

Nicholas Quirke was languishing in the heat on 25th June following his virtual inertia on Sunday when apart from a walk to Preston Park rose garden to meet Peta for a tea, a discussion about another potential business prospect and a walk around the Rock Garden, as well as attempting to fill the void on his living room wall now brother Michael had reclaimed his painting, he had spent most of the day on his bed. His excuse was nursing his sciatica. It seemed the torpor of his Sunday had filtered into his week and he found it impossible to get out of his bed to start his day. It was an appointment with the Apple store that spurred him into activity but his delays meant he drove into town and had to spend £4 on parking. Despite the advice he was given about requesting a new phone upgrade Apple just said they would fix it. The people pleaser in Nicholas won out again. He had to be back at home for a final call with Mark from LHHPenna who were employment specialists he had access to following his departure from American Express. It had been very useful exercise though he did now have about 5 CV’s to work from. Once he had eaten lunch and digested his food, with another lie down in the heat of the day, and an attempt to finish more work,  he walked into town to pick up his phone. Nicholas was pleased to have his technology restored to working order and was pleased to be have instructions on how to get iTunes working on the phone again. Nicholas escaped the sun by going to the Duke of Yorks for some cinema on a sunny day relief. The Happy Prince proved to be an elegiac, heartbreaking telling of Oscar Wilde’s last years.  A haunting, mature tale of growing old, of love, loss, shame and death and is possibly Rupert Everet’s finest hour. Cole’s degree show work had been one of the body of works selected by his University to be part of the Free Range exhibition, which celebrated the best work from universities across the country. It was a real privilege for Cole to have then been shortlisted for the major prize winner which would mean a solo exhibition and a monetary prize of £1000. Nicholas was beyond proud when his son Cole called to say that he had won. Giddy with Cole’s success he went to bed a happy man.

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