Curtain Call

Nicholas Quirke was saying more goodbyes on 23rd June as the run of Frantic Assembly’s Fatherland at The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith reached its final electrifying performance. It was his first thought as he woke that morning and he felt a rush of disappointment that he would not be treading the boards of the beautiful theatre as part of the Chorus of Others again. Though he cheekily suggested to the creative team that wherever in the world they performed, he would unexpectedly turn up. “Oh Hello, fancy you doing this in Melbourne” Nicholas still had time to make his usual Saturday morning Tea with Cathie in Nero’s and managed finally to make an appointment with Apple To fix his brand new phone as well as nervously, fearing another postal service mess up, sending another package to Terry in Denver. Hopefully this would not make its undelivered way back to him as the last one had. Cole and Cathie were coming to see the show and they all traveled up to London on the train together A lovely journey marred only by the sight of Battersea Power Station, an iconic landmark much-loved by Nicholas, which was becoming more and more obscured by buildings. Tickets were sorted and he joined his colleagues to prepare for the last day. Sadly some of the great characters were missing, Alan, Martin, Drew but the compensations were Timmy and Robin had returned as well the reliable presence of Dougie, Dan, Michael, Elliott, Dominic, Anthony, Benjie and Callum with whom he had regularly sparred and laughed with. he was definitely going to miss these guys. It was a wonderful show and he captured Cole and George in a Flash Mob selfie, but missed Cathie and Rory. They had all enjoyed the show and they helped him occupy time between performances. Rory had to leave at 5 to return to the centre of London where he had been on the Brexit protest. Cathie and Nicholas took a walk along the Thames and then got some snacks from Sainsbury’s for supper and they returned to the theatre to sit in the sunshine and chat. By the time the final performance was due to start, the chorus numbers had swelled and he was delighted to find that the droll and spindly Sam had joined them. How they laughed. The warm up sounded Phenomenal and the roar of Male voices was really going to lift the roof off the theatre. Energy was high an it was a thrilling performance with a standing ovation from some of the audience. There was no after show party but there were discounted drinks and they enjoyed the theatre bar facilities till late. After a quick chat with Director Scott and writer Simon Nicholas left in sad and high spirits at 11.30 to get the 00.03 train from Victoria. On his journey he enjoyed the company of a young dandy who had been to royal ascot. No problems with the trains meant he has home and in bed by 1.45 am.






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