Summer Cool

Nicholas Quirke was still experiencing sciatic pain, following his visit to a sports therapist, despite having his ass well and truly pummeled. The treatment had certainly alleviated the soreness but he was aware that following his drive to London and back for Fatherland he had aggravated the nerves, despite rolling his right butt cheek on a tennis ball during the entire journey. It had been a joy to see Kate and Megan as well as Dee and Charlie at the performance and he was delighted to catch them in a flash mob selfie. He was also saddened that it was the last performance he out would do with his new friend Alan, who had made the rehearsals and performances a never ending surreal delight and he would miss the stories and laughs that they shared. He had felt awake when he got in and he had done some online research for his friend Terry in Denver and as he did not get to sleep till late he was surprised to wake on the morning of the 20th at 4.30 am. Unable to sleep he filled the early morning with more research and watching an episode of Sense8 which would not stop and he eventually had to turn it off he was so irritated by the appalling script, acting and editing in this programme which did no one any favours. Nicholas was pleased to get some work done that he had been procrastinating over and set off for the train station in high spirits. Despite some sort of dispute going down between Thaneslink and southern his journey was smooth and made more enjoyable by meeting and chatting with Bilal from Bangladesh, who commented that when an Englishman smiles you know it’s genuine and that ‘Nick’s’ smile was a true winner. He had not originally planned to work but he’d not had an opportunity to see the play in its entirety and by swelling chorus numbers for the Matinee It meant that he could see the evening show. As ever he enjoyed the show but the theatre was filled with students and teachers rushed them out at the end ignoring the singing and they performed to a very thin crowd. In between shows, in intermittent sunshine he took a walk along the river to Barnes and on returning to the theatre discovered the square had been transformed into a free cinema where they were showing Tennis and that evening a sing-a-long The Greatest Showman. Nicholas settled in a deck chair and enjoyed the cool summer evening vibe and celebrated the spirit of the Hammersmith Civic attitude. He only saw 20 minutes of the film but it didn’t inspire him to see the whole thing. It was a great experience to see the whole of Fatherland which he found to be a touching fun and inspiring piece of theatre and the sound of the chorus of others was quite overwhelming, he was pleased with himself that he resisted the temptation to join in. It had been a good day, a productive day, he surmised at its end, and he put himself fitfully to sleep.

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