Something for the Weekend

Nicholas Quirke was feeling very cosmopolitan on 16th June. His constant traveling ‘up smoke ‘ for ‘Fatherland’ was making him feel like a Londoner again. And venturing up  to Cole’s degree show at The Old Truman Brewery in the ever regenerating Brick Lane area of the East End and consorting with Eileen and her husband Richard compounded his feelings of worldliness. His morning was spent in town as usual with Cathy and this weekend,  her sister Fanny who was visiting from Totnes. Nicholas was still suffering with possible sciatica in his right buttock, which he believed was the result of a repetitive, groovy little move he was doing in the play, He was taking painkillers to take the edge off but it was fairly constant and it seemed that  dd nothing to alleviate the ache and the numbness and pins and needles in his foot. Constant driving was also doing nothing to help him escape the hurt. The Middlesex University  exhibition was immense and Cole led his happy and excited party to his display. They were very quickly introduced to Cole’s tutors who were all extremely complimentary about his work and his persona. Nicholas was feeling very proud of his son and his work, a cinematic storyboard montage of his family,  friends, places and memories. It was unique in its presentation, a completely different format to the large scale prints that were on display from the other students. There was some really impressive work and Nicholas enjoyed seeing the subjects and the way they were handled and he also left the the exhibition with his ego truly massaged by the people who commented on his ‘Steeze’. . He drove the family safely home to Brighton and as he was tired and sore he went straight to bed and sleep the minute he got in. Sunday was Fathers day and he looked forward to being treated by Harvey to Lunch at the Green Kitchen and then Celebrating Richard’s son Jamie’s Birthday. Not only was he bought lunch, a vegan English Breakfast, but Harvey had got him a stylish pair of 70’s style high top converse as a present an Cole contacted him to say he was coming down to Brighton to celebrate. After collecting Grace and Rocco they walked to Eileen’s for the Party. It was lovely to see many old friends, Tim and Becky, Carolyn, and he was particularly delighted to see Mary and Pete, Chrissie’s sister and husband who made him feel really cherished. Harvey and Cole wanted to watch a film and they went back to Gloucester Road and snuggled down  to watch the disturbing Ex Machina. It had been another long Day and Nicholas, exhausted, collapsed  into bed

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