Technology Breakdown

Nicholas Quirke was never far from complete confusion when it came to understanding his technology. He was in the dark when it came to linking, transferring, updating storage and comprehending the where how and why of ‘Data’, it was therefore perplexing to him that he was acquiring hardware that needed all manner of ministrations that were beyond him. A laptop that glitched out. An mini iPad, which after 3 repairs now did not play sound., a new I phone that failed to link to I-tunes and a camera that could only take selfies and an iPad which could not link to his pc. He wanted them all the work seamlessly for him but each one served to help then frustrate and diminish him. It was time he took it all to a specialist and request support. Nicholas had work he wanted to get on with but it was left unresolved as he battled made calls and tried to get help. He had not seen his friend Terry for a couple of weeks due to various problems and he was looking forward to catching up . Terry was not in good spirits. Eyesight problems left him almost blind and further mobility and hearing issues were causing frustration and some anger. Nicholas could not offer much solace but he was able alleviate some worry by offering to pick him from Hayward’s Heath Hospital the next afternoon. Coincidentally his friend Terry, in Denver, was having an unsettling time and Nicholas, here too, felt unable to do anything constructive to help. It was ‘Fatherland’ matinee day and he needed to be at the theatre for 1.30. As he would have to pay for paring if he drove Nicholas decided Instead to to catch the train. The usual issues abounded with trains running 40 minutes late. He was able though to get himself to the theatre on time. Susie, The head of drama from Eileen’s school had bought a group of students to the show and he was able to catch her for a flash mob selfie. The in-between hours were spent in surreal discourse with Elliot, Martin and Calum at Nando’s, a walk to Hammersmith Bridge and in a vast disturbing Wetherspoons, where they were witness to some blatant sexual harassment. The evening show passed quickly and he enjoyed a  surprisingly swift train home ad to his bed.


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