Be Happy

Nicholas Quirke was trying to put a positive spin on life since Kim had admonished him for being weary, fed up, disappointed, disgruntled and generally misanthropic in his blogs. He couldn’t help feeling that, despite an inherent determined optimism, forces in the world were out to complicate, obstruct, disrupt and bring disorder to his daily life. Spending 4 hours the day before waiting for his I-pad to be fixed was a drain on his time and energy, as was having to make phone calls to chase up former employers for his pension arrangements and revisiting either endeavor would be detrimental to his sense of balance and well-being. His positive mood took a knock early in the day when he discovered that fixed screen on his device looked great, but he could not take photos which meant he was going to have to go back to the repair store and give up more time to resolve this issue. He was doing his PA work and had a mercifully early start at 7.30 am. His mood deteriorated further when he made more work for himself by spilling a bucket of water flooding his client’s bathroom. He returned to the repair shop and they promised a new camera and to have it ready for him before 4 pm as he would be leaving for London and it was key for his role in ‘Fatherland’. Nicholas then paid a check up visit to his dentist and discovered that his teeth and gums had improved by 20% but he still needed to have a crown. He managed Lunch before setting of in surprisingly good spirits for Hammersmith. His mood improved greatly as a result of 2 playful conversations he enjoyed with his friend Terry in Denver and Zak in Brighton as his GPS decided to take him on a new, mysterious and interesting route to the theatre through Reigate. It was good fun to be with the company again and they made the most of their long wait to get on the stage with excitable and amusing banter. Nicholas realised that he not posted any of the selfies he took during the show and decided that it was time to share the fun he had captured from his first attempt with Director Scott Graham, his colleagues, in the wings and with the audience. The day ended for him on a positive note as they were paid expenses and were given a Tee-shirt promoting the show and Nicholas could finally acknowledge that he was happy.

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