Nicholas Quirke was not surprised on the morning of Monday 4th June that replacing the shattered screen of his iPad mini was not the straight forward, though costly, task he was led to believe it would be. Having booked it in for repair at i.Smash for 10 am he anticipated being out of town by 11 and getting on with work at home. So when he was forced to have another green tea in Cafe Nero at 12.30 his patience was wearing thin. The enforced wait did mean though that he was able to check in his Moscot sunglasses for repair and cost some household items that he needed which would have to wait till the sting of his expensive repairs dissipated. He was finally reunited with his iPad at 13.45, a horrendous 3 hour 45 minutes wait, which after shopping for groceries at Taj left little time for lunch as his meeting with Penny for another practice recording of their Podcast was looming and he still had some work to do before the creative muse was upon him. They spent an entertaining hour testing microphones and exploring the landscape of 6th June 1980, where he discovered he’d left his job at Harrods to go and work for the Dry Cleaners he and Kim lived above. He remembered he had some photo booth photographs  from that month and made a note to check them when he got home. They now had a plan and at the next meeting they would select a launch date. Nicholas went straight to the Duke of York’s to see  Gilbert and George’s 1980 film, ‘The World of Gilbert and George’ which was an eccentric celebration of their art and their days, Nicholas particularly enjoyed a sequence of the uninhibited pair dancing to ‘Bend it’. He had an early start the next morning and as he did not get home till gone 8 pm decided to forgo supper, do some work before watching the final episode of ‘A Very British Scandal’ about the former Liberal Leader, Jeremy Thorpe’s fall from grace, and retiring to his bed.


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