life in Mayfair

Nicholas Quirke was enjoying the glamorous life on 26th May and despite a disturbed night as a result of an upset stomach he was loving the luxury being with Kim was affording him. He had never craved the high life but after LA and now Mayfair he was seeing the comfort it could bring. Kim had arranged to meet her cousin, Victoria, in the foyer and they made their way to The Pain Quotidian for breakfast. Nicholas was delighted to observe in a smugly casual and cosmopolitan manner, that he had frequented a branch of this cafe in Central Park in New York. It was lovely to see Victoria again and they agreed that when she returned to London after a European tour that she and her boyfriend must come to visit him in Brighton. Kim was eager to enjoy the streets of Mayfair. The explored Claridges where they had dined in 1980,  Alfred Dunhill store in which Kim managed to rope the sales assistant into taking a photograph of them, The Connaught and Mount Street. Nicholas returned to the hotel to enjoy the final hour of luxury.  The drive to Hampstead Theatre was swift and simple and they had plenty of time to sit and chat. Describe the Night turned out to be a fascinating play about three real Russians, one of them Putin,  in which the narrative crossed decades and in which the actors transformed themselves into utterly believable old people. Wonderful performances and an insightful, witty and clever script. Cole met them at the end of the performance, just after Nicholas had displayed a moment of temper. It was with much merriment, that Kim and Cole found themselves allies against his occasional irritable outbursts.  As the were in the vicinity they drove down England’s Lane and then to the former Drama Centre. Now an Art Gallery and open, they could not resist the temptation to walk inside the halls in which they had first met 40 years previously. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. They dropped Kim off at the National Theatre and Nicholas an Cole headed home to Brighton. When he finally got in Nicholas was so tired he collapsed on his bed and turned the television to start watching Season 2 of  Thirteen Reasons Why. He woke at 3 am to find himself fully clothed. In a daze he managed to get himself into bed and a deep deep sleep.

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