An Opening

Nicholas Quirke was feeling dislocated when he woke on 25th and found that his morning routine did nothing to help him get into the day. A sense of unease after the dress rehearsal the day before seemed to permeate his being, even though it had gone well and been fun. Nicholas suspected it was fatigue from the driving up to London every day and having a very busy though relaxed schedule. He was regretting that he agreed to take his client out into the country to be Sheep and Dog at Fulking as he would have preferred to have some time to chill before the performance in the evening. The drive into the country actually helped take his mind off his concerns and he enjoyed the company of his client. His sister was in Brighton as she had taken their Mother to the hospital for a consultation and she called in for a coffee before she headed home and he left for London. He was annoyed with himself as he left his overnight bag at home and as he would be staying with Kim in her grand hotel for the night. he was not going to be feeling particularly fresh on Saturday. It was opening night for ‘Fatherland’ and he strangely felt himself in the grip of first night nerves. There was a great sense of camaraderie among the  Chorus who all leaned into support each other. It felt like the performance went really well and the time on stage was controlled and fun, despite momentarily losing count. Kim had come to see the performance along with Sonny who both loved the show and felt touched by the overwhelming male presence on the stage sharing the experience of being Father’s and Sons. The theatre put on an opening night party for the company in which he got to mingle with the actors and director and share some of the positive experiences. Nicholas drove Kim and Sonny to their hotel and was once again excited to make use of the Valet Parking at the beautiful Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair. It was a really gorgeous Art Deco establishment, glamorous and luxurious. They had late supper in the most stylish bar before Nicholas headed to the suite and a relaxing bath and bed

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