Back in Time

Nicholas Quirke was lurking in 1979 and 1981 on 21st May 2018 as he flexed his creative muscles and started work on a Podcast project with Penny Parker. They were plundering his diaries from the early 80’s as a source for a humorous discourse on narcissism, social mores, tastes, intolerance, politics, self analysis, misanthropy and more. They recorded two excerpts which they found hilarious to record and decided to distribute to friends for a more objective opinion before launching on the public in June. As Nicholas walked into town he met Cath with whom he and Peta were working on production for December and they had a quick discussion about where they were in the planning. It was with a sombre mood that he approached The Buddhist centre for a Funeral Celebration of his neighbor Bruce’s life. It was a wonderful ceremony with shrines, music, poetry reflection and chanting. On his way home he was lured into the Bluebird Tea store and came out with some Oolong and a Matcha tea kit. as he passed the Duke of Yorks he checked out what films were showing and he saw they were screening a documentary called Filmworker about Leon Vitalli who gave up a promising film career to be Stanley Kubrick’s bitch for 30 years. It was a fascinating  story and Nicholas was particularly delighted to hear him debunk the conspiracy theory that Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landings and that The Shining is his coded film confession. As he left the cinema he saw that David Shrigley, Guest Director of the 2018 Brighton Festival, was screening a documentary film about the making of the opera he wrote the libretto for, ‘Pass the Spoon’ and was called ‘ A Shit Odyssey’. He turned round and went right back in. Nicholas loved the cheap, crap aesthetics of the piece but was rather bored by the attention seeking behavior of the lead performer. In the midst of this he was caught up  in a rage caused by the problems he was now encountering having sent a small package to Denver which never arrived with Terry and appeared to be on its way back to him as something happened to the address. It was on this note of anger that he retired to his bed.

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