Something for the Soul

Nicholas Quirke was feeling exhausted on 19th May. He felt that the past 2 weeks had been lived at a furious pace and the price he found himself paying was that the symptoms of his malaise were starting to return and if he was not careful there would be a flare up. How he would love to take it easy but it was a day in Hammersmith for rehearsals with Frantic Assembly on Fatherland.  The opening preview was at the end of the week and the seriousness of the endeavor loomed large. He got up early to get the train, as parking on a Saturday would be mercilessly expensive, and as he had just received two fines for contravening traffic regulations on the 9th of May in London; a congestion charge he forgot to pay and the bewildering apparent driving in a bus lane, monumental waste of money, picking up an expensive parking bill was not going to be added to his financial woes. The journey on Southern Rail was surprisingly smooth, though there was some consternation underground as the District line was closed and he was concerned he might be late, however, he arrived with 30 minutes to spare. It was the wedding day of Prince Harry to a Showgirl, and Nicholas was pleased to be avoiding the hype in a rehearsal room even though he was missing the wonderful summer sunshine. He thoroughly enjoyed his days work and the opportunity to get a little creative, despite the confines of being in a chorus. It was very physical and fun and a little emotional. It felt like an would be a really powerful piece of theatre. they finished earlier than expected so by late afternoon he was back in  Brighton and at a loose end. At a loose end and needing company he contacted Peta and was invited to supper with her and Steven. She served up a delicious meal and the enjoyed a hilarious evening. Two outbreaks of hysteria, which would never translate, but out of which  Bernard Cribbins moved from childhood icon to legend, and an excruciating attack of cramp made a memorable night. Once again it was late and he dragged his weary self home to bed with the feeling that the work and laughter was really satisfying for his soul..

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