Taking to the Road

Nicholas Quirke was enjoying the Berlin lifestyle, though it was not without personal challenges. His day started well with a breakfast with Kim on Schonhauser Alle. They were engaged in chatting with a couple of fellow customers who had both just moved to Berlin, including one Englishman and who both made the City seem like a great place to live.  Kim was keen to visit the Wassertum in Penzlauer Berg which in the 1930s had been the site of a concentration camp. It was an eerily uncomfortable experience as one of the buildings had been converted to luxury apartments. They had a really good walk  around the area and Nicholas was pleased to discover that he sill possessed a natural sense of direction had not deserted him and he got them home. While they waited for Alistair to arrive from his flight Kim went to the hairdressers while he amused himself at the apartment. To his chagrin he managed to break a glass shelf in the fridge. Alistair arrived late and they set off for lunch and for a 3.5  sightseeing bike ride around Berlin. They stopped for quick 5 minute bite outside and then climbed astride their steeds and took to the streets of Berlin. They saw some of the extraordinary sights as well as getting an amazing history lesson from Fima as they pedaled the roads and pavements. The leaned about the rebuilding of Berlin after the war, they stopped at the site t of the book burning, the location of Hitlers bunker and the Terrain  of Terror and one of the remaining stretches of the Berlin wall. Feeling energised by the long ride they walked to the The Berliner Ensemble where they were going to see a 4 hour epic ‘Krieg’. Nicholas was feeling weary from the days exertions and fell into an introverted and uncommunicative mood. It was not the frame of mind to see the startling, noisy and impenetrable pageant that the Ensemble were staging. It was the chaos of war on the stage and the images from the performance were disturbing and exiting particularly from their front row seats. It was a truly amazing experience to see this renowned company perform in the Beautiful Theatre where Bertolt Brecht had staged his works. They had a light supper on the riverside after the performance which was tarnished by Nicholas dropping and smashing the screen of his Ipad. He took a taxi home and did some research on replacing the broken shelf. Despite his tiredness, conversation and debate with Kim and Alistair kept him up till 3.30 am when exhausted he sank into a deep sleep.


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