Time Stressed

Nicholas Quirke was alarmed on 30th April by the speed with which time was passing. His of months of travelling had felt timeless and everlasting yet once home there seemed no check on how quickly the days were eluding him and moving in a thundering fast pace. He reviewed the weeks since he had auditioned for Frantic Assembly and felt it had slipped away without him noticing. It was now all about moving forward, he was reunited with his laptop, with his data and he felt, with his life. It had been a difficult few weeks, since he had carelessly lost his balance and watched his laptop fly in slow motion across the room, smashing his screen and destroying his hard drive, and he was still in the process of restoring his computer to its pre-accident condition with his documents, photographs and videos. The data recovery had been in process since Friday and all his spare time when he wasn’t engaging in his endeavors were spent pursuing his lost in the ether world. Nicholas had been keeping busy and catching up with friends and his weekend continued to be  perfect example of the multifaceted life he was now trying to create for himself. After discussing and trying out an idea for a podcast, which pandered to his ego, with Penny Parker, he was further indulged on Friday by Phoebe who provided a tasty vegan meal and then encouraged him to commit to film more tales of his travels. Saturday began in a familiar cafe with a familiar cafe companion, Cathy at Nero’s. And the social day continued with Nicholas generously being treated to lunch by Cole in Roc-o-la, along with Harvey, Grace and Courtney. By a happy circumstance he was reunited with the very lovely Marie Kendall, a friend and set designer from his Quirk: Theatre and Film days . It was a really entertaining lunch and he felt the force of being in the company of his sons whom he had missed sharing time with during the Odyssey. After driving with Peta Taylor to Newhaven, to look at the real estate and it’s spectacular view that she was purchasing, they explored the town and environs and they embarked on a failed shared memory hunt for harbor side pub they had visited in the 80’s which Nicholas believed was called the ‘End of The World’. He was pleasantly surprised by how much there was to see and appreciate in the small town. The day was rounded off for him by attending an exhibition of video and photographic art in which Cole was exhibiting. It was an early night as Sunday marked his return to theatre in Brighton, with a day spent at Brighton Theatre Royal working with Conor Baum and some of his favorite Brighton actors to give voice and shape to 6 new short plays by an extremely talented posse of young writers from a scheme run by Theatre Royal Brighton to foster new and emerging writers. It was an exciting project to be working on and it felt to Nicholas like home, a feeling which he carried into his Monday when he drove to Hammersmith for his first rehearsal on Frantic Assembly’s Fatherland. Along with 25 other performers he was taken through a rigorous movement and singing workout and the blocks for the extremely physical performance were laid. His spirits were high and he felt optimistic that now he had some form of work, he would be less stressed about his time.
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