Nicholas Quirke was missing the rigours of travelling and the discipline of writing everyday. A chance meeting, on a trip to London, with his son’s school friend Jack O’Connor, inspired him to return to the virtual world of documenting his time. It also occurred to him that as the visit to London was something he had initiated on his Odyssey the experience was fully part of the journey. His day began, as every day now did, chatting on ‘WeChat’ with his friend from China, Terry, whose day was ironically ending, now he was residing in Denver. Nicholas was London bound for an ‘audition’ with Frantic Assembly for a show at the Lyric Hammersmith on ‘Fatherhood’. He was not optimistic but his travels had given him a new openness to opportunity and he did feel he was uniquely qualified for the theatrical exploration as a father and indeed as a son. Due to engineering work on the line it was not going to be a straightforward trip to London and hearing his name hollered on the bus to Three Bridges lifted the sense of doom about the journey he had started to nurture. It was great to catch up with Jack and learn of his life, his photography and hearing how his brothers girlfriend was paid to go to New Zealand and Blog about her experience, exactly what Nicholas wanted to be doing. He was going to have to do more research. He distinguished himself at the workshop , though not exactly as he hoped, when he discovered, to the amusement of all, he could not write his name correctly on a labe. It would have been a good idea, he thought, to have used his spectacles. The session with The Frantic Assembly directors, was an energising and exciting way to spend his morning; playing ball, jumping, lifting and then some breathing, singing and just playing. It was an intriguing project and would be a really fascinating event to be involved in. After the stimulating workout, Henry his ‘Rock’ in the lifting exercise, where he had found himself sprung like a lightweight ballerina clean into the air,  started to chat with him and he left the experience with a new friend. For a moment he was excited by the prospect of being in London but when he learnt that Cole was working and unavailable he began the journey home which despite the engineering works was remarkably smooth. Nicholas took the opportunity to review his the last couple of days which had been action packed and had involved seeing Ready Player One, which managed to resemble something of the book; seen the Doctor and had his blood taken, been to London, stumbled upon the Golden Hind on his walk along the embankment from London Bridge to the SouthBank and met Brother at the National, seen the premiere of Sophia’s beautiful short film, ‘The Wider Sun’ at the BFI, he had cooked for Cole, lunched in Infinity with Audrey, had coffee with Rory, supper at Pho with Julian, signed up with some agencies and acclimatised himself to the vagaries of the British weather as he started to get his house back in order. It was impossible to say that things were getting back to normal, as there was no normality any longer other than the inevitable day ending and bed, albeit, after the long sojourn, his own.





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