Taking it Easy

Nicholas Quirke was shocked into consciousness on the 20th February by the sound of Paul, who had slept on the sofa in his room, talking and laughing in his sleep. Nicholas quietly went about performing his ablutions while the others slept and made use of the quiet with writing and some reading. They all breakfasted at Charlie Cox, which they decided was too expensive and not good enough, so that was their final visit.  They drove into Brunswick to get a Birthday Present and Nicholas was able to stock up at the pharmacy on his now very low rations of Vitamins and Minerals. Kim had to go to work, Paul returned home and he was left alone to do some housework. He did some shopping, had lunch and sat down to watch the finals of the Winter Olympic Figure skating though he dozed off before seeing who won. He and Kim were having supper at Patrick’s new home and he had to get himself over to 16th Street Studio to meet up with Kim, he ordered an Uber which took over an hour to get there. He enjoyed his conversation with Naeem the driver though Kim was a little fraught by his delay. They picked up an Indian Takeaway and then went to Patrick’s brilliant new apartment which he is sharing with 2 girls. Enjoyable conversation, lots of laughter though sadly, it was the last time he would catch up with Patrick before Nicholas left for Asia and then start his journey home. On arriving home he realised he had reached a lull in his Odyssey and was enjoying the opportunity to take it easy.


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