White Night

Nicholas Quirke was enjoying taking it easy on 17th February. A day of relaxing and reading ahead of him before taking in the fun of White Night in the evening. As Kim beavered away at work, Nicholas read more of ‘The Sparsholt Affair’, and play scripts , including ‘Doubt’ and allowed the hours to slip effortlessly and comfortably by. Of course, the time was punctuated by tea breaks, lunch and conversations from the surreal to the serious. When they first got out and into the cool and sunny evening they made their way to Harmer Hall to see a 15 Metre high by 9 metre wide canvas painting of 21 Taras; Tara the Liberator, the female Buddha of kindness and compassion. While there they met Sandra and Harry and agreed to meet up again before Nicholas leaves. The next event on the agenda was ‘Five Bells’, a simple, spectacular display of athletic Bell Ringing. They saw a beautiful ‘Alter for the Future’, a translucent construction with a spinning glass wheel in front which changed the colours and shapes of what you could see of the alter. Nicholas was filmed for video and asked by the production to sign a release form which he was happy to oblige. The happy, excited crowds were out and the night, in which the exhibits and performances would continue till 7am had truly begun and they saw some really gorgeous sights. From an avenue of Chandeliers, drag artists and flaming sculptures to a snow lane, Veranda singers, the street where a scene from ‘Kim’s film ‘Mouth to Mouth’ was filmed and some really impressive projections onto prominent Melbourne Buildings. It was a fabulous evening and it was completed with a walk back through the park.


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