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Nicholas Quirke was waking up back in Melbourne on the 16th February aware that he really needed to sort out numerous issues with finances, car and home. These were intruding on his next plans so resolving all issues were important. He was feeling a bit perkier and the day ahead was his as Kim had an important meeting at the college to attend and was not going to be available. They made plans for the evening with Nicholas cooking dinner and getting hold of Manhattan Murder Mystery to watch as Kim had not seen it. He did some work and then went into the city.  He had purchased a new bucket hat for a bargain $9.5 dollars in Christchurch, which he discovered would suit him well in China and decided that he would give it a first outing today. His progress was stalled when he passed by ‘Cooks House’ located in Fitzroy Park and decided to visit. It would be interesting to see the home that Captain Cook had lived in here in Melbourne. He was highly amused to discover that it was Cooks family home from Great Ayton in the UK which had been bought by the Victoria Government and shipped brick by brick, tile by tile, beam by beam, and even a cutting from the Ivy growing on the house, to Melbourne, to be erected in the park as a memorial in 1933 celebrating a Centenary of European settlement. He explored the park further before traversing into the city in search of some Woody Allen movies. He hi-jacked his mission again, when he decided to visit the Museum at the Treasury house. This was really interesting and his imagination got caught up with the tales of the Bush Rangers and the story of the Wild Colonial Boy, James Doolan, whose life was made the subject of a famous song and was linked to the demise of Ned Kelly. It also felt exciting to go own to the Gold Vaults where a fascinating exhibition about the Australian Gold Rush was housed culminating in viewing real gold bars worth about 31 Million which represented 0.8% of the gold discovered. That thought gave pause for thought. The quest for the films proved fruitless and after a late lunch in a Hare Krishna Vegan establishment he walked back home.  Kim filled him in on the day and then worked some more as he prepared dinner. They sat out on the balcony to eat the braised tofu Dhal he had prepared. As they ate, the trees around filled with the chirping song and colour of parakeets. Of, course by the time they finished eating and talking and he attempted to catch the glory of the sight on camera they had dispersed. Nicholas was able to locate the Manhattan Murder Mystery on Amazon and they sat down to enjoy this funny, intelligent and exiting movie. He was still feeling the effects of losing a night’s sleep and once it was ended he took to his bed.

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