New Friends

Nicholas Quirke was feeling proud of his friendship with Kim, principal and owner of !6th Street, on 3rd February. The 3 day workshop with Patsy Rodenberg had been a great success and it was thrilling to see how the actors had been inspired and changed  by the experience and Kim had been the instigator of change through her determination and tenacity in bringing this internationally renowned woman to  Australia. This is what she does, nutuing and developing all this talent. Spending this time with Kim in this environment served to inspire him too. He had been surprised by the passion of Patsy for her work, and had continued to enjoy a new friendship that he hoped would develop on his return to London. He felt part of a group and was really pleased by the welcome and openess that the actors had extended him. By the end of the day he was sharing details with several in the enclave and promised to return to Sydney.  Once the class was finished there were some photo opportunities. Nicholas was annoyed to discover that the memory card was not in his camera, so it was going to be difficult, impossible even, to download the photos he had taken. He managed to get the group on Go Pro leaving the venue. Kim had arranged farewell drinks in the ERKO and Nicholas walked up with Patsy. It was very noisy and difficult to hear but he got to speak with Jackson, Ben, Matt, Tash, Helen, Felicity, Louise, Susie, Francesca and Megan. Kim had booked a meal at Bills, which eant they left early and Nicholas was relieved to leave the noise behind him. It was a lovely meal, he had their anazing chopped salad with fried Chick peas, and the conversation flowed. They said goodnight to Patsy and then had more fun, laughs and intensity and sat talking till sleep called.



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