Iv’e Been There

Nicholas Quirke was laughing at himself and the myriad mini dramas that he created for himself in a day. He so tired when he woke at 7.30 on 4th February after getting less than 3 hours sleep and suffering a plague of cramp. He  woke Kim as they needed to say goodbye to Patsy and see her into her cab. The uber arrved 30 minutes early so he went down and asked the tax drive to wait.  The driver seemed confused but they got Patsy’s bag into the cab but then a driver appeared in Foyer asking for Patsy. Nicholas had put the bag n the wrong taxi. Fortunately the stranger had not driven off with her luggage. After seeing Patsy safely off, Kim and he went for breakfast at Bills where he had a delicious plate of fresh fruit and coconut yogurt. They packed, played some more; reluctant to part ways. They said their farewells and Nicholas went off for lunch with Ollie as Kim returned to Melbourne. Nicholas was pleased to be reunited with his friend and with his mouse which she had discovered. They ate a really  lovely lunch at Double Barrel, lots of roughage in a ‘Beetroot’ salad a root vegetable which Nicholas had of late decided he could finally eat. They were in Newtown and took a quick diversion to commune with the spirit of his great great grandfather before going to see Swinging Safari, at Denby Cinema, though calling into Messina for the best Gelato in town where he had a salted coconut nut and mango sorbet. The film was colourful and crass but disappointing. They agreed they liked the editing which was done by Libby’s sister Sue, Nicholas liked the location, ‘Nobby’s Beach’ as he had been there, but found the script poor, some of the acting poor and largely unfunny. They were relieved to get out into the sun. Ollie kindly drove Nicholas to the airport and they said their goodbyes. Nicholas found an American Express Lounge and had a green tea but there was no vegan food to eat. He had used all his cologne so bought a new Prada scent and then some new sunglasses that took his fancy. The flight did not get into Christchurch till Midnight. It took ages to get through customs with sniffer dogs covering everyone, and suitcases being scanned so did not get to the hotel till 1.30 am. He had a lovely Face-time chat with Harvey who bought him up to date on the condition of Nicholas apartment and then finally he ot to bed.



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