In The Present

Nicholas Quirke was stressed when he woke up on the morning of 2nd February. He had discovered the previous day that the rent had not been paid and he was not getting any response from his lodger. He had asked Harvey to visit the flat but he still had not done it. Trying to sort it out delayed Nicholas and when he tried to leave the apartment he could not find the Key which he believed he needed to get the lift down. He realised Kim and Patsy would be waiting for him downstairs so he gave up and decided to go down the fire escape. It did not add to his peace of mind to discover that he was locked in the stairwell. There was no way out. He banged on the doors but there was no answer. He began to fear he would be abandoned. Fortunately the phone worked and he was able to call Kim to get her assistance to release him from his embarrassing ordeal. Patsy shared even more unexpected and amazing stories, including meeting the translator of the Dead Sea Scrolls who revealed some of their secrets to her. Nicholas thought he had never met such an interesting woman in his life. The Class moved to a new level and the work gained a new intensity with the actors. Patsy had enjoyed a good nights sleep and her work was rigorous, tough and rewarding. Sadly there was a policy of not sharing the unique work outside the classroom, though he wanted to record this amazing experience, as they had to create a safe space for the actors who were doing some really brilliant work on voice, body and text. He was truly inspired by the work and felt that it would inform any theatre he would do in the future. Nicholas knew for sure that the experience he was having on his Odyssey truly had changed him forever, He made connections with more people including Anthony Wong who they were dining with that evening and Tonya, who had studied at Bristol Old Vic, as well as cementing new contacts from the previous day. Anthony had booked a new Lebanese restaurant for them in Surrey Hills, and invited Sophia, Helen and Tash who were also participating in the MasterClass. It was a really lovely evening and he thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these talented and committed actors despite the food being slightly dull. He really needed an early night so it was a gelato before home and bed.





  1. Patsy sounds fascinating, I would have loved to hear her stories! Hope the rent issue was resolved, naughty lodger x

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