Nicholas Quirke was privileged on 1st February to meet, share a taxi and chat with Patsy Rodenberg the world-renowned voice and speech coach on their way to the first session of a 4 day workshop in Sydney. He was surprised at how quickly their conversation turned from the polite into personal in-depth anecdotes. He was gripped by the stories of her amazing life and experience raging from working in prisons, with the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert to dealing with Heads of State. It was some years since Nicholas had last been in a class environment and experience learning of this nature. The workshop on Shakespeare in which she covered breathing, movement and speech was really illuminating and inspiring and it was wonderful that she was sharing her technique and methodology with the students and observers, Nicholas was learning a lot. It was an intense day and when it was over Kim and Nicholas joined Patsy for a drink and another intense conversation about her work and #MeToo campaign, on which she had a lot to share as there were many personal experiences and stories. They were unable to make a night of it as Kim had booked a dinner with Martin and Ollie in ‘Icebergs’ restaurant at the world-renowed Bondi Beach. It was a truly beautiful setting though the bay provided  a more intimate space than he had imagined. It was a delicious, if not costly meal. Kim got ‘the bit between her teeth’ over environmental issues and was a little derisive of Nicholas and Ollies humble efforts to reduce their Carbon Footprints. It was a lovely evening and great company and Nicholas was delighted to find in Martin an ally regarding an eyecatchig and unusual sight they had shared, AT the apartment Nicholas and Kim again investigated their own acting abilities, which they both decided were a little wanting.



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