Another Day on a Plane

Nicholas Quirke was starting to settle into a groove on 31st January so it was a good thing he and Kim were on the move again. It was back to Sydney for Kim’s Workshops with the renowned voice coach Patsy Rosenberg. There were a host of possibilities but the rain kept him indoors in the morning and he cleaned the apartment instead. He packed his suitcase ans as he wasn’t going to be back in Melbourne for at least 3 weeks he had to be very circumspect about what he was adding. He made the most of the Sun when it appeared and went off to a supermarket to get some lunch. It was very windy but he spotted some interesting houses on his walk and as he took a photograph he realised that his feet were in a shoe for the first time since he had arrived in Australia. He couldn’t be long as they needed to leave by 2.30 and Kim was on a tight schedule having been teaching all morning. They were both worried as they left about the safety of a dog that was left in a car in the car park. Nicholas tried to alert and let someone know but to no avail. The flight to Sydney was more important and he was left feeling guilty that he couldn’t do more. Despite road and weather predictions they got to the airport and the flight in good time. Of course, nowhere at the terminal to make use of his priority pass membership. It felt like home being on a plane again. They got an Uber to the Surrey Hills apartment but there was a problem as despite the exorbitant charge for the room, they wanted to charge more for getting a bed for Nicholas in the apartment. Nicholas thought he could make it through one night on the sofa. They went to eat at Bills and not only enjoyed a delicious meal but recieved some brilliant customer service from Izzy and her Spanish colleague. Nicholas had not bought his cameras out with him and felt a paucity of opportunity to take photos or film in his day which made him realise it could be any day which he quite liked; the simplicity of the ordinary. Back in the apartment they ended up role playing Nicholas’s attempts at serious Shakespearean acting with a weak ‘R’, to them it was very funny and it was on this high note and high spirits that they went to bed.



  1. Sorry to hear you had to put your shoes back on but yep, the wonderful everyday. It looks good and so do you, rested a bit at last perhaps.

  2. Shame the shoes are back on but i’m sure it won’t be long before the birks and shorts are out again x

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