Austinmer Beach

Nicholas Quirke was enjoying a more laid back day on 21st January in Austinmer. Despite waking early after a late night he got up and sat chatting with Martin enjoying a papaya, pineapple and raspberry breakfast being entertained not only by the conversation, which to his satisfaction erred on the macabre,  but also by the wild King and Rosella parrots that were breakfasting on the vegetation in the garden. As Ang was still asleep ‘Skipper’ the puppy was allowed to roam freely through the house. It took a long time to get everyone up, fed and ready for the beach and when they got down there it was fairly packed with holiday makers. They found a space and went into the water. The tide and undercurrent felt really strong and Nicholas was a bit nervous. So it took a while for him to be encouraged to go in. Ang finally convinced him and he then had a great time swimming and frolicking in the waves and on the shore. Being battered by the waves and thrown into the beach had caused sand to stick in the pockets of his swimming shorts and ever part of him so it was a shower when he got back. A delicious late lunch and they headed back to Sydney. They were driving through the National Park but due to a couple of Bush fires, apparently an arson attack, there was a lot of smog which obscured the view and some roads were closed. The traffic was bad once they hit Sydney but the route took them to Botany Bay and Tony gave a sparkling rendition of the famous ballad. Ollie was not in when he returned so Nicholas went to the Supermarket and got some food for dinner, which he decided would be Dhal. On Ollies return they prepared supper and regaled each other with tales of their respective weekends as well as agreeing to use the phrase ‘Crook as Rookwood’. Nicholas had some photos from 1980 of them all together at a party in Monks House, Ollie was overwhelmed to see these photographs from as idyllic a time as he was having now.  Halcyon days.




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