Nicholas Quirke was exhausted by his days activities. It was hot and sticky and under the sun’s glare for much of the day, as beautiful as it made everything look it resulted in draining him of energy. He started the day by going to yet another Vegan he discovered restaurant on Glebe Point Road called ‘Gathered Kitchen’ where he consumed a Turmeric  Smoothie and Breakfast at Vi’ssanys’. The dish was delicious and rather than photograph the food he captured the colours left on the plate. They needed to make an early start  to get to Rookwood Narcopolis to find his Great Grandfathers Grave. Once they had arrived he was able to get the information at the trusts offices on the location of the grave 0148. It was a really stunning location but finding the exact grave was a problem as the number had eroded and when they finally found it, the headstone was down and it was impossible to lift it and see any inscription.  Hardly surprising as once he was interred on 16th November 1871, his family were returned to England and there had been no one to care, tend, visit the grave since then. Nicholas and Ollie took the opportunity to explore the cemetery and they were amazed by some of the monuments, tributes, obelisk and mausoleums.  They were relatively close to Homebush Bay where Nicholas was aware of an interesting shipwreck from the war which had been colonised by Mangroves. They found the wreck which was really compelling and magical in its setting. They felt compelled to go home before heading into the the City for a Ferry Trip and a visit to a Gallery. There was some problems topping up his Opal card and once resolved they got the train to Central which then was changed  and they had to get off at Pyrmont Bay where they could get a Ferry. Ollie took them a little out of their way and time was starting to slip away. They got to the departure point and were advised the boat would leave in 7 minutes but then the moored vessel suddenly left without anyone getting on. They finally got on but it immediately looked like they would miss the exhibition so they decided to do a round trip. The sights around the harbour were magnificent and Ollie invited much mockery and laughter when she tried to get Nicholas to stop filming and come and look at Luna Park. Nicholas sensibly ignored her suggestion as at the point one of the worlds most iconic sights was slipping into view under the Sydney Harbour Bridge; The Sydney Opera house, looking utterly resplendent in the sun. It was at this point Ollie became the worst tour guide ever. She made up for it though by pointing out the other gorgeous landmarks in the Harbour, Lady MacQuarie’s Chair, Government house and the Botanical Gardens, Kirrieilly House, Port Denison, and the eastern suburbs, Elizabeth Bay, Manly, right to Rose Bay where the boat turned round and headed back. It was a really wonderful and educational trip and he even caught sight of walkers climbing the Bridge. When they finally docked he was excited to see Captain Cook’s boat ‘The Endeavour’sitting in the harbour outside the Maritime Museum. They headed back to Glebe and they went for dinner at Soul Burger, a Vegan burger bar. Back at the house that sat out in the garden enjoying the company and conversation of Libby, Sue and Jan before attempting to retire early.



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