Nichols Quirke was revelling in the conceit that he was some kind of academic on 18th January. After a morning tea with Ollie before she set off to work, he retraced their steps of the previous evening and went back to Sydney University to attempt to learn more about his ancestor. On his way he discovered another Vegan restaurant ‘Real Grounded’where he enjoyed a smoothie and a BLAT. He went for  walk around the University in daylight before heading to the Fisher Library and on his way, encountered the Nicholson Museum which was full of amazing ancient artefacts, Mummy’s, sarcophagus’s, masks, busts and statues and he really enjoyed a trip into another world. Despite the library requiring photo ID to look at rare books they held regarding Professor Thomson, which he didn’t have, they still managed to let him examine the documentation. First he looked at a book compiled and written by his fore-bearer and then he was bought manuscripts from the vault. He was actually holding in his hands notebooks written and compiled 150 years ago by his mother’s father’s father’s Father. and his DNA briefly commingled with this brilliants man’s across the decades as his finger tips traced the historic writing and drawings . It was a surprisingly emotional time and he spent nearly 3 hours studying the paperwork, notes on lectures, notes on discoveries,  feeling the ghost of him alongside. Part of Nicholas hoped to find something more personal but they were purely academic, though certainly gave him  impression and insight into the breadth and scale of his knowledge. Mineralogy, Geology, Anthropology, Palaeontology, he was a true Natural Scientist. When he finished with the rare books he had an appointment with the archivist to look at the senate notes of meetings pertaining to the career and the early death at 30 of Alexander Morrison Thomson. Nicholas felt illuminated and like he had really achieved something and he was now feeling research and academia suited him. There was still more to see and do and he had plenty of time to do it. Ollie cooked supper when they were both back in her Glebe home and then they went for a walk around part of the harbour.  It was cool and beautiful and they ambled for about an hour,rewarding themselves with Gelato.   Oddly here in Sydney, for the first time he was under attack from the insect world. Some ugly swellings were appearing but thanks to his Sister,  Kate and the medical kit she provided,  he was able to smother himself with Mopiko and the bites began to subside. It was time for bed and an onslaught of cockroaches began. he turned off the light and thought what he couldn’t see couldn’t hurt him. 




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