Old Friends

Nicholas Quirke was more than satisfied with the days events. He was so grateful to be staying in the amazing home of Pete and Fi which was like being on a film set. Circumstances meant that he had to bring his trip to Sydney forward as he needed to be in Melbourne on the 26th. This involved changing his plane ticket and meant additional costs from the rip off Airline. After a long conversation with Pete about writing and discipline they embarked on the short journey to Toni Scanlon’s Brunswick Heads home. Nicholas had trained with Toni at the Drama Centre, and he had not only been Horace to her Regina in ‘ The Little Foxes’ but they were also partners in their ‘Super Objective ‘ first term project. He had not seen Toni for nearly 40 Years, so there was a certain anxiety involved in meeting. Once again it was like no time had passed; Toni looking amazing and ebullient and as down to earth as he remembered.  He loved her apartment which was adorned with a number of eccentric Objets D’arte. After a lovely lunch they went for a walk on the beach where they witnessed a man reel in an unidentified fish for his supper. On the walk Nicholas was thrilled to identify the call and sighting of a Kookaburra. They needed to get back to take Dominic to the Optometrists which meant he had the opportunity to enjoy a shopping expedition in ‘Coles’ supermarket and enjoy a Green Tea at a cafe with Pete, who demonstrated the droll humour that Nicholas recalled so well from their days in Hampstead and Belsize Park, at a Mall while he waiting for the appointment to complete. On the way home they took a detour to the nearby Eco Village where to his astonishment Kangaroos were running wild in the gardens of these houses. At home he enjoyed a family meal and learned more about Sam;s trip around the world. They finished the evening watching some highlights from the Australian Open.




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