Kata Tjuta : The Olgas.

Nicholas Quirke was once again highly amused by the failure of himself and Kim to fully appreciate life in the Bush. A hike through the 600 million years old Walpa Gorge at Kata Tjuta might need something a bit more sturdy than a pair of All Stars and some plimsolls on their feet. But in their flimsy footwear, that is exactly what they did.  The drive to The Olgas was punctuated with stops to record their advance on this imposing landmark and at one stage a visit to a lavatory where they witnessed an unfathomable amount of surly teenagers emerge from a mini bus. It was also the site of the scariest toilet Nicholas believed he had witnessed. The massive stone faces of this mountain range exerted an extraordinary power over the walkers and once again he was overwhelmed by the landscapes ancient majesty. At the heart of the gorge another green utopia. The heat of the noonday sun was intense and Nicholas discovered that the back of his shirt was soaking wet which he thought was quite macho for him. He hoped to see some wildlife before he left the area but the Kangaroos were in hiding and the Budgies were impossible to capture despite a couple of sightings of these colourful birds in their natural habitat. It was a very late lunch for them which was only marred when Nicholas discovered his GoPro had gone missing. He immediately went to his position of defence and believed that someone had stolen it when Kim had made him go with her to listen to the creaking of the door which seemed to speak ‘Uluru’ in the inimitable way they had developed between them. Of course the missing item was found and the world looked rosy again. They enjoyed a playful remainder of the day, teasing much hilarity out of a weak ‘R’ about a disgraced antipodean actor. Supper was from Ayers Wok, a noodle bar though Kim preferred Nicholas’s tofu choice to her own. Nicholas did some laundry and started packing for their departure on the morrow. It had been a joyous, unusual and wondrous adventure and he pondered the remainder of his travels and what sights would next serve to inspire and overawe him.



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