The Outback

Nicholas Quirke was not a person to get emotional easily but as he sat having lunch in the airport terminal at Alice Springs he allowed excitement and a little bit of wonder fill his soul. From his sore, vegan Birrkenstocked feet, to the fly bothered brows and nose of his heat suffused face he tingled with joy at the gift of travelling he had given himself. Now he was in a place like no other he had seen, about to get his 7th flight since December 2nd and his third flight of the day having already been in Brisbane. Sydney, and Alice Springs and now about to get to Ayers Rock. Added to the thrill was that he would be meeting up with Kim again and it was also her first time in this part of Australia. Flying over the unique landscapes to Uluru was awesome and he could not help but consider all the inspiring films from Walkabout to Rabbit Proof Fence that took place in the Outback. He picked up the car, very happy to be driving again, and got to the apartment they were staying in very quickly. They made more plans for their stay and Kim presented him with the nets she had bought to protect them from the flies. It looked like they were in mourning and set the tone for an afternoon and evening of hilarity. Nicholas had a look in town and bought a back pack. They were going to need lots of water on their trips and his pettite man bag would not suffice on a hike. They left for the expensive Field of  Light experience which provided drink and dinner under the stars, in the shadow of the rock.  It looked beautiful, but it quickly transpired that rain was going to fall. This was not a problem for a man such as himself, well versed in the vagaries of Open Air theatre weather but some just could not enjoy themselves. They had teamed up with a Frenchman Phillipe,  with a dramatic story of love, and were also seated with a newly wed Italian Couple, Sara and Gian and old timers Neville and Janelle. all with wonderful stories to tell. Kim engaged the Didgeridoo player in a conversation and he revealed some wonderful stories about the indigenous people and world of the area. The rain poured they ate their main and everyone was hurried in their waterproof Ponchos to walk through the Field of light, an art instillation. There was meant to be desert and a talk on the stats, but no pudding materialised and no astrology talk as the sky was black. Everyone was offered a 50% refund. Back at the apartment they talked about how extraordinary the evening was and laughed again and again and again over the excess of the nets Kim had bought.





  1. What a wonderful advetnure, Nick! Love the photos of you and Kim with the nets!! Quite a fashion statement. I remember watching Rabbit Proof Fence. Your post reminds me to watch it again. It was an interesting and moving film. xo

  2. Fantastic day and what a beautiful setting for your evening meal! Those nets 😂 How big are the flies out there?!🙈 x

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