Brisbane Beat

Nicholas Quirke was missing Kim on his first solo venture in Australia. He realised so he had had the company of his dear friend since arriving in Oz and enjoyed every minute of it. Mark had to go to the Dr’s which left Nicholas free to go into the city and explore. He navigated the transport system and got to Central station. Slightly bemused he found his way to the camera store Mark had recommended and got a satisfactory solution to his camera issue. He discovered the worst busker he had ever heard, banging a tin can and singing Abba’s It’s a Rich Mans World. Breakfast at Vegerama, where he had the best Vegan Pizza wrap he had ever tasted. He stopped at the City Hall and visited the Museum which confirmed his suspicions that Brisbane had started life as a penal colony. A fascinating exhibition about Brisbane DNA with a hundred of its citizens. He next walked over the river getting a flavour of the City. Nicholas was immersed in the exhibitions at GOMA and spent a happy 3 hours absorbing the delights of this gallery, from an exhibition regarding perspective to the crazy world of Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma and her ‘Infinite nets’. He had sourced a Vegan restaurant but got lost trying to find it and exhausted himself in the search. The intense heat of the sun wore him down and the long walk added to his already sore feet. He was not happy when a stick caught in his sandal and cut him. He got to Roma and headed for Taringa. At the house he got changed and Mark and he set out on the next stage of discovering Brisbane. Nicholas was keen to visit the University of Queensland Physics department to view ‘The Pitch Experiment’ which has the honour, at 91 years, of being the worlds longest running experiment. It is now in its 10th drop but this may not happen for another 9 years. It was then to the ferry and a boat trip along the river. A great way to see the sights and get a sense of the city. He was pleased to see Brisbane’s famous ‘Story Bridge’ which he had learned about at the museum. Following the boat trip and a drink in a stylish bar at the foot of the bridge, they went to dinner in the elusive Vegan establishment, Grown, in the stylish West End area. The food was delicious and Nicholas was happy to pay as a thank you to Mark for his generosity and guide work. he had the measure of the city but he was beat. An early night for the next days flight and new adventure.

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