Brisbane Bound

Nicholas Quirke was ready to leave the Gold Coast, he’d had a lovely relaxing time, enjoyed the sun, spent hours in the Pacific, spent too much money and was feeling he had exhausted the sense and the sights of the place. He would miss the fun of spending time with Kim, seeing Chrissie every day and his dip in the sea but welcomed being back on the road and experiencing new and interesting sights and people. His day started with a surprise FaceTime with Amy Camm and Jack Swallow which he followed with a swim and breakfast. At the apartment he finished packing and helped clean up. Chrissie came round for a final lunch and to take them to the train station and Airport   He said Goodbye for now to Kim and Paul and set of on his Brisbane adventure. The train journey was simple though a little confusing as the announcer never once mentioned Roma Street station he was headed for. Nicholas enjoyed the new landscapes he was passing through though he was surprised by the high rises once he hit Brisbane. He got to Mark’s without incident and Mark proved to be a generous and warm host as well as a really interesting producer/photographer with an interest in Jigsaws. Nicholas’s kind of person. They went out to dinner at a Thai and he was served a meat dish rather than the vegan Tofu. How many times as he going to be subjected to finding meat in his mouth! They only charged him half price, though generously, Mark insisted on paying. Nicholas was struggling with his camera again and Mark was able to down load the pictures that were lost. They put together an agenda for the next day and retired to bed




  1. Sounds lovely, and glad you found a Jigsaw buddy, although when I read this aloud to the Angel I live with she asked ‘Who has he gone to bed with?!’ and assumed you had regaled us with some really juicy gossip, especially after the meat in the mouth phrasing. She also thought you shouldn’t have been charged at all for that ‘cock up’.

    1. It crossed my mind that it could be implied but I thought no one had that sewer of a mind to go there. How wrong I am. He is not Asian and is in his 50s, so get your Angel on the right page. XX

      1. I would dream of peddling the normal smut we swim in my Angels way, but glad to hear you are playing clean 😉

  2. I wonder how much more meat will end up in your mouth on this adventure? 😱 At least you didb’t Have to pay for the pleasure! Have fun meaty chops xx

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