Nicholas Quirke was unexpectedly despondent on the morning of 8th January and found it difficult to identify the source of his malcontent. He went out for a breakfast of cleansing juice and Green tea with Kim and talked over his status. As this section of his journey comes to an end and he prepares to move on feelings of uncertainty had started to creep in. To combat this they looked at his forthcoming itinerary and worked out what the next few days, weeks hold. Through Kim’s friend Alyce, he had been linked up with a guy, Mark Louttit in Brisbane who had out of the Blue offered to have Nicholas stay with him for a couple of days. The generosity of this offer delighted Nicholas and his spirits soared and it was with a happy heart that they continued the routine of a morning swim. The weather was beautiful again and the sea, as Chrissie had stated, was like swimming in champagne. Nicholas got some very arty photos of the swim happening and his positive mood continued. They walked back to the apartment and as Kim was keen to see the Golden Globe Awards live he set up to Stream from Fox. Kim did get a little stressed and after inviting Chrissie to join them called her to say not to bother as the screen had frozen. All it required was a bit of patience and Kim called Chrissie again to say come over. Due to continuing tech problems they did not get the message that Chrissie had arrived so she ended up arguing with the concierge before getting into the apartment. It seemed, everyone’s nerves were a little frayed this day. It was very enjoyable and it was great to see that the films that Nicholas had seen were picking up awards. Kim went out for lunch at a fish restaurant and Nicholas didn’t want to go and stayed. His afternoon was spent chatting with Paul, taking a call from Patrick, Kim’s nephew and sorting out more of his travels. He went out for a swim in the late afternoon when the beach seemed deserted and was joined by Paul. They then walked chatting along the shore. Back at the apartment they collected Kim and went for a last supper at the Vietnamese and for a final Ice Cream. Blissful.




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