Nicholas Quirke was not mindful  of his finances on 7th January. After feeding his homesickness with an early morning Facetime conversation with Cole, Nicholas hot footed it to the beach for a swim and to film in the water. He was really pleased with the results and was certain that he had captured exactly the feel of being in the astonishingly beautiful pacific ocean. He called in at ‘No Name Cafe’and found Kim Breakfasting there. They had an intense conversation about raising children and decisions one makes as parents. Back to the apartment to change and go to Pacific Fair in search of a bargain. One of the complex staff complimented him on his style, which please him no end, particularly after comments by a charity worker in Byron Bay who had made some outlandish assumptions when getting money out of them for the homeless. He went in search of a bargain but came back with a ridiculously expensive shirt he had fallen in love with, which he tried to ignore but kept going back to have a look and once he had tried it on, the spendthrift in him failed to resist the lure. ‘Why’? he asked himself, did he have such expensive tastes. He returned to the apartment and sorted out accommodation and a car hire for his next trip.Kim was trying to get him to book for an evening meal under the stars but he was resisting the expense. Nicholas red more of his book ‘The Hour I first Believed’ and did more research on his Ancestor, Alexander Morrison Thomson whose grave he will visit in Sydney and will hopefully locate correspondence at Sydney University when he is there. Kim’s friend Tracy, picked them up and they drove to ‘Mexicali’ a surfer style Mexican restaurant for dinner, Cashew Nut Vegan Nacho quesadilla,with Chrissie. Tracy was another immediate friend and they teased her about her driving technique. A great dinner and Nicholas indulged in a frozen Margarita, very refreshing.  They enjoyed a Gelato back at Broadbeach before finishing the evening with a FaceTime chat with Harvey, Grace and Mother and Bruce.


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