Nicholas Quirke was determined to finally get his pale form into the ocean on 6th January, the Feast of the Epiphany. It was a glorious warm day and Kim and Nicholas went into Broadbeach for breakfast which turned into a highly amusing endeavour, with Kim having to send her eggs back twice. It was really lovely food and gave Nicholas the zing he needed to get into the water. He was astonished to find the sand was boiling hot and getting down the beach to the water was like walking on hot coals. The beach looked stunning in the sunlight and it was a great time to test his Go Pro, in the water.  He couldn’t bring himself to put the camera on his head, so for today it was hand held, but when he felt he could cope with looking like an asylum inmate he would definitely plunge through the waves in it. The sea was lovely and warm and Nicholas could have stayed in it all day. He had planned to go shopping when Kim went to get a waxing but once back in the apartment he took to reading and sorting out the next stages of his trip. When Kim got in she had decided to join him on the next leg and so they both booked flights, though Kim would have to go back to Melbourne first. The flights seemed complicated and expensive and he started to get a bit stressed. But once it was all done he was excited. They had arranged to have a Vietnamese meal before joining Chrissie at the Cinema in Pacific Fair. Both of them were panicking about time and were rushing their meal to the point of indigestion, it was an incredibly large bowl of food so there was a lot to eat,  when they realised that they still had an hour before they needed to be at the Cinema and the rush had been pointless. They were seeing ‘All The Money In the World’ which they all found tedious and lacking in tension.  Back at the apartment Nicholas watched an episode of ‘Toast’ with Paul before going to bed



  1. Hope you enjoyed the swim, felt like I was in the water with you! What a beautiful beach and i’m loving your shirts too! x

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