Byron Bay

Nicholas Quirke was thankful for wonderful time he was having on the Gold Coast. Once again they were picked up and ferried about by Chrissie and what a laugh they had on this journey. Travelling to Byron Bay meant crossing into New South Wales and also meant losing an hour in time. The landscapes continued to be lush and beautiful and the weather and temperature were perfect. Byron Bay proved to be a busy hippy surfer town a little expensive.  They stopped for a light but parsimonious lunch at a groovy Falafel house. Explored the shops, bought some new reading glasses and met another friend of Kim’s, Deb Marks, before heading off to meet a really interesting and lovely couple Peter Cooper and Supannah at the home they were renting in Bangalow They provided some snacks and offered to take Nicholas and Kim to the Australian Open when it starts in Melbourne. This was a short and pleasant break which was further shortened with the Gardner making them move so he could mow the lawn. After leaving Nicholas realised he had left his bag so they had to go back which invited some amusing polemic from Kim. They went back to Byron Bay and for a walk around the Lighthouse which is the eastern most point of Australia. The scenery and landscapes are so perfect, relaxing and tranquil and the weather seems to make everyone relaxed and happy. Nicholas bemoaned that no matter how good the photographs look, nothing quite captures the glory of the colours. The drive back was problem free despite a couple of wrong turns and Chrissie dropped them off at Mamason, where they were meeting Paul for supper. The food was delicious with company and meaningful conversation to match. They were enjoying themselves and stayed in the Bar of the restaurant chatting for ages before Nicholas felt the call for bed.



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