Time becomes a Wasteland

Nicholas Quirke was not regretting squandering a day in the cinema on the 26th December but he hadn’t put much thought into what he was going to be doing on a plane for 12.5 hours as he travelled 10,000 miles to Shanghai.  The plane didn’t leave till 1 am on the 27th of December but 12 hours later on arrival it would already be the 28th December. Too Confusing. He did sleep a bit on the plane, and watched Spiderman, War for the Planet of the Apes, a dreadful film called Codice Unlocked with John Malkovich and Toni Colette and the still very appealing The Big Sick. During this time, his cough developed into an appalling cold: streaming and sore nose,a headache, a high temperature and aching muscles, which made a most uncomfortable of flights.Other than Ibuprofen, he had nothing to alleviate his symptoms and he anticipated that his plan to leave the airport and go into Shanghai would have to be aborted. Early on in the flight the pilot announce some turbulence and halted the serving of food, though Nicholas as a Vegan had his dinner served first. This was very mild yet later on in the flight as they were flying over Japan the plane dipped up and down in an alarming fashion nothing was said. He experienced a frisson of horror as he noted they were flying through Hiroshima and Nagasaki airspace. He couldn’t remember when he had last felt so ill and was relived on reaching Shanghai despite having completely lost the 27th. He would make use of his Priority Pass and at least  suffer the next 13 hours in comfort. On arrival he discovered that he could only spend 2 hours in there and no return, neither was there decent wifi available or anywhere to charge the items of technology that were now starting to die on him. For the remaining 11 hours he lived like the Tom Hanks character in The Terminal. He had a bowl of Noodles and met a couple from Valencia who were travelling to Australia and hiring a car and having a road trip. The suspicion that he was a homeless person finally became a reality when he found himself occupying a bench in the terminal and trying to sleep. He was even moved by staff doing repairs to bench. Finally it was boarding time and the final leg of this marathon journey to Melbourne began




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