What do you do on a Sunday in LA?

Nicholas Quirke was finding it difficult to feel festive. The sun was shining, it was warm and a day in LA stretched ahead. It was supposed to be Christmas Eve and it was a Sunday, there was only one thing to kick start the merriment; go to a screening by the Secret Cinema Club of ‘It’s A Wonderful life’ at a beautiful vintage cinema ‘The Vista’ in Los Feliz. Comfortable, masses of leg room and an excitable audience that enjoyed the film, There was laughter, cheers and and applause. His mood from the previous evening quickly dispelled  yet he was extremely emotional during the screening of a favourite film. He had put himself on a tight schedule and it was straight from the movie house in this lovely part of LA to Burbank where he had booked himself onto a tour of Warner Brothers Studios. He teamed up with a South African actress Eloise and they embarked on a whirlwind tour by motor mouth Seth of these historic studios. They saw cabins where Dexter performed killings, streets in which Friends were shot, buildings where every film you can think of were bought to life, the studio and sets for Big Bang Theory and walked around the Lucifer set. He saw Batman’s cars and bikes, props from The Maltese Falcon and costumes from Rebel Without a Cause. At 2,5 hours it was somewhat exhausting and barely left him enough time to get to Beverly Hills in time for a party he had been invited by the founders of ATC, Jackie, Nick, Nate and Josh. Kim had put him touch with Jackie Diamond  who had invited him to this party.  The bonus was they were all Vegans! And Nicholas was thrilled to display how cosmopolitan he had become when he was able to recommend not only a Vegan restaurant in New York but a new play on Broadway. He was delighted to meet Jacki Weaver who had received Oscar nominations for Animal Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook and the host Nick could not have been more generous. It was lovely to meet and to finally talk theatre and film with some industry people. They were generous hosts and Nicholas  even got a present in the Secret Santa. He felt he could have stayed but it was an early start Christmas Morning and bed beckoned.




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